Those nearly there....

This is the final week for you to get any results in for the Winter League. We will have an option of a timed run on Wednesday and Friday and of course there is always a Park Run next Saturday. If you have any times that you have not given in, please message me asap. The following need more results...I will post the current standings in a new message; Al - 1 needed (I think you have a 10K time - please msg) Alex - 3 needed Alison P - 3 needed Andrea Hounsham 1 needed Andy Burgess 1 needed Andy Holt - 2 needed Cathryn Rachel - 1 needed (I have your 10m time) Gary Mitchell - 1 needed Grace Edie - 2 needed Julie Julie Thonnings Whelan - 1 needed Louisa McKay - 1 needed Michelle Spea

League Standings

Current standings for the league that will finish in one week; 1st Jo Lenderyou 2nd Maura Welch 3rd Louise Thomas 4th Rachel Brooke 5th Andy Coatsworth 6th Kelly Brighouse 7th Peter Hounsham 8th Dave Ward 9th Andrew Booth 10th Karen Richardson 11th Lucy Goldsmith

Monday night

Monday night run will be Mobberley. Hoping to have 3 groups; 1) With Russ Platt and Dave which will be 7miles at 8m/m pace and including 4 x 5mins at 7.30m/m pace with 1min in between. 2) With Grace Edie will be 10K at 9m/m pace with 4 x 5mins at 8.30m/m pace with 1min in between. 3) will be 5m steady....any takers for this group? So far 2 are booked in...... Dont forget S&C will be on 6.30-7.20 again 2 are currently booked in. There is only 3 more weeks of this until the Easter present there is not enough interest to continue after Easter......

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