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12 Days, Winter League, Awards Galore....

The leaders have been putting their thinking caps on and have come up with some great ways to help keep you motivated and reward your efforts........

12 Days of Christmas

This will be returning to RK for the third year - bigger and better.

The challenge is to complete 12 separate runs on the days between 25th November and 18th December (Last RK Session before Christmas.) You can chose to complete the challenge in Km or Miles - but each run must be of a different distance. Your runs must include 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 miles / km in any order.

There will of course be an option to join the Facebook and Strava RK 12 Days of Christmas groups to encourage you to achieve this ' sounds easier than it is challenge.'

The cost this year will be £10 - but the prize will be a Limited Edition RK 12 Days technical T Shirt.

If you would like to join - please use the store on Team Up to book on - look for 12 Days T Shirts….Available from October.

Winter League - To start 1st October, Finish end of April 2020.

We will be repeating the Winter League in 2019/20 - with a difference. To complete the league you must have completed 6 runs - which must include 2 park runs - from 2 different parks and 2 RK timed events. The remaining two events can come from;

Additional RK timed runs

additional Park Runs;

Timed officical Races - of 5mile/10K/half marathon/marathon

Each result will be put into an age grading calculator as per Run Britain and Park Run. There will be numerous awards to be decided nearer the time, but likely to include;

Best Average %

Best single performance

Best overall improver

Winner Male and Female

Plus awards for anyone that completes the league.

More chances to win awards;

Club Records

Starting from 1st October we will be keeping a list - and publishing on the website- the club records for 5K, 5m, 10K, 10m, 20m, Half and full marathon. These records will be split into male and female as well as age categories. There will be an award for any runner that keeps a record for 6 months.

National Standards Awards

Race standards are designed to encourage members to enter more races and try to achieve pre-set standards which will be awarded by the club. These standards gender and age specific and are based on the World Standard Times published by the WAVA (World Association of Veteran Athletes), and consists of WORLD, PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, COPPER. For example the GOLD standard is set at approximately 135% of the world record for that distance at that age and gender.

Platinum – world + 20%

Diamond – world + 35%

Gold – world + 50% Silver – world + 65% Bronze – world + 85% Copper – world + 105%

The following standard distances are supported: 5K, 5M, 10K, 10M, 20M, Half Marathon, Marathon, but you do not need to run all distances, only results from 3 separate distances are required, for example a SILVER at 5K, 10K and marathon gains you a SILVER AWARD. A SILVER at 10K and 2 marathons does not.


  1. The race must have been accurately measured and certified, the result are taken from the official results. Chipped times are acceptable.

  2. The time achieved must be better than the standard i.e. standard = 46 minutes, time achieved 45 minutes 59 seconds or better.

  3. Awards will only be given for standards achieved at one level at three different distances in one year. For instance if you achieve SILVER for 5K, 10K and marathon you will get a SILVER standard. If you achieve SILVER for 5K and 10k and BRONZE for a marathon you will achieve a BRONZE standard.

  4. Standards will run from 1 April – 31 March each year.

  5. Accurately measured and certified courses only. Most parkruns are measured but only some are certified. Because of their popularity it is assumed that all are certified.

  6. Results must be submitted on an official RK Club Standards Claim form. Claim forms will be on the website soon….

  7. Everyone will move up a year during the year, and achieved standards from before and after your birthday will count.

The standards will be placed on the website very soon……

Awards will be presented in May.

Christmas Handicap

This will take place on Wednesday 27th November - to avoid work Christmas parties - venue etc will be confirmed nearer the to suggestions!!!!!


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