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Winter Series 2018/19

RK Winter Series 2018/19

It is finally here……….This month sees the start of the RK Winter Series. Below you will find further details, any questions, please ask. The targets will be posted on Tuesday.

  1. Following the 1 mile time trials, each runner’s predicted times for other distances have been calculated. These were calculated using the Jack Daniels running formula; this approach is widely used by runners as are his training techniques. They’re very accurate! These distances are as follows: Marathon, Half Marathon, 15K, 10K, 5K, 3 Mile, 2 Mile, 3K, 1600m, 1500m.

  2. These will be posted onto the RK Facebook group and blogged so you can see your targets.

  3. Over the coming weeks, ending on 13 February 2019, runners can participate in a number of timed runs organised by RK. You may also include up to 2 other runs (e.g. some runners may choose a 10K race such as Tatton 10K instead of a 10k that RK organise, there’s also Wilmslow 10K, Park Runs, etc.).

  4. Times for those organised by RK will be captured; for other run events, runners should send their times to

  5. All times will be logged and uploaded into a master spreadsheet

  6. The target is to run some of these and beat your predicted time. If you do beat it, the % by which you do so is calculated. If you run outside of the time then you do not score.

  7. There will be a number of timed runs on each of the different days – you can choose to do all of them or less. Your best 5 will be used to calculate your overall score – this will be the sum of the % improvement of your 5 best performances.

  8. There will be prizes for the winners.

Provisional dates for RK timed events will be

5/9 1m (baseline)

7/9 1m (baseline)

10/9 1m (b


19/9 1m (this can be an official time or a baseline)









8/12 Macc track 8.15am start

12/1 8.15am from the leisure centre




Other possible local events;

Every Saturday Park Run – Wilmslow, Northwich, Congleton, Delamere, Cheadle, Bramhall

23/9 Macclesfield Half and 5K

30/9 Woodford Village 10K

7/10 Congleton Half

14/10 Gin Pit 5miles, Tyldesley

28/10 Halloween Hellraiser, S. Cheshire

3/11 Langley 7 (Maybe full)

18/11 Trail Half, Radcliffe

2/12 5m Christmas Pudding Dash Manchester

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