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Those nearly there....

This is the final week for you to get any results in for the Winter League. We will have an option of a timed run on Wednesday and Friday and of course there is always a Park Run next Saturday. If you have any times that you have not given in, please message me asap. The following need more results...I will post the current standings in a new message;

Al - 1 needed (I think you have a 10K time - please msg) Alex - 3 needed Alison P - 3 needed Andrea Hounsham 1 needed Andy Burgess 1 needed Andy Holt - 2 needed Cathryn Rachel - 1 needed (I have your 10m time) Gary Mitchell - 1 needed Grace Edie - 2 needed Julie Julie Thonnings Whelan - 1 needed Louisa McKay - 1 needed Michelle Speakman - 2 needed Sara Waters - 1 needed Zoe Murphy - 1 needed Liz Elizabeth Elliott - 2 needed Fiona Mcall - 2 needed Nicole Malloy - 1 needed

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