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New time & New Sign up

As of Monday 9th Sept. the Monday night session will start at 6.30pm and meet at Egerton Primary School. At the same time will be a Knutsford Tri Club Junior Running Session. We are hoping that most weeks we will have 3 adult groups going out;

A) 7-8m/mile

B) 8-9m/mile

C) 9-10m/mile

This may not always be possible but we will try our best. It makes it so much easier if people are booked in (and paid up....) so PLEASE book in. I have also registered the sessions on Run Together

So some may find that easier.

Or the team up system is also set up for the new time - also easy and now available in an app;

I am sure some of you may still find excuses to not sign up - but all money is used to train leaders / pay for prizes / rewards etc - we are Non-profit-making AND in the interest of H&S it is also useful to know ICE numbers should something happen.

Hope to see lots of you there on Monday. Any questions re RK or the junior session please email me.



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