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June Team Challenge Week 2

June Team Challenge

Well done to all those that have participated in week 1 of the June Team Challenge. I will report the first week of results early next week.

Details of week 2 are below. If your time last week was not accurate enough, please get intouch asap and I will adjust accordingly...before you do your intervals!!!

It is not too late if you would like to join the fun, let me know and I will add you to a team

Good luck with week 2 and I look forward to seeing your photos!

RK June Team Challenge Week 2

Session 1 - Interval session

5 x 1K with 1 min rest in between

Runners need to be honest about their own rest time.

Runners to calculate the average time for each of the 1K’s and that average time is what they give in to the captains.

The aim is to get as close as possible to their individual target time.

2 points for completing the session

Bonus points ranging from 5-10 for closest to target time

Session 2 - Long run

Each person in the team completing at least one of these distances will be given 2 points.








Points can only be scored once - i.e. if 2 people complete 5K then the team will only get 2 points.

Each person can only get points once.

You can run over the distance to get the points.

Within the run there is a team challenge to collect selfies of different road name endings. I.e. Lane, Street, Road. One point will be awarded for each different name you get.

Session 3 - S&C

This week is core strength. Video with details can be found;

1 point for attempting

2 points for doing half

5 points for completing; warm up, circuit 1 x 2, circuit 2 x 4


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