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One-to-one coaching

This could be as a one off / weekly / monthly.  


The purpose of this may be to help with developing fitness / speed, implementation of a plan, accountability, injury prevention, technique, motivation or discuss running related matters - nutrition / race preparation / pacing for example.


If you would like further information, please get in touch.


  • Initial consultation £45

  • Monthly Running Programme  - includes; weekly email, detailed running plan on training peaks, phone support as required £75

  • One-to-one running session - 45-60mins as required - £40

  • Runners MOT - gait analysis, functional movement appraisal and full written report. £70

  • Blocks of one-to-one can be purchased at a discounted rate - please ask for details.

It is very easy to download a generic coaching plan for any given distance from the internet.  With this approach it is possible that you will make progress. However, from our experience, one of two things is more likely;

# 1

You will spend a lot of time altering the programme so it fits in with your lifestyle and commitments.  Then start questioning yourself if the changes you have made are too easy / hard.  Before you know it, the plan is very different from the original and you are avoiding all the tough / breakthrough sessions. At this point you realise you are back to where you started and continue in the same way - not reaching your potential.

# 2

You become a slave to the programme - possibly even addicted and soon start experienceing overtraining / illness / injury.

Neither of the above are ideal.  


We believe that with a consistent, progressive and individual programme you will make progress towards your goal.​


After an initial consultation and with discussion, we can devise a bespoke training programme that will avoid the above two situations.  This can be delivered by email and discussed over the phone / skype or in a face to face meeting.  


All programmes are enhance through regular email contact to help you stay on track and motivated.

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