RK Membership

As from the start of 2019, we will have a new registration process. The prime reason this has been set up is for Health and Safety. We are regularly getting new members and completing a membership form outside in the rain does not provide too much legible information. We then have leaders taking groups out and no idea of any ICE details or any medical information. In addition, now we have a number of member events going on - 12 days of Christmas (some are still completing) and the Winter League - both subsidised by RK, I would like to ensure we have a more coherent membership base.

The financial differences include a £12 annual membership (reduced to £10 if completed in January) and then a £6/month DD to cover all sessions. If you do not wish to set up the DD, members can continue to attend sessions at £2 - preferably booking in and paying online. Non-members will now be charged £3/session. Other member benefits will include;

Discounted kit

Access to the winter league

Discounted social tickets

Potential to win Runner of Month

Discounted private coaching

The system is easy to log into - please go to the website below, and register. You will then need to validate your email address and complete the online process.


We will be offering incentives to members for referring friends - via credit towards kit when they become members. You will be able to view your referral code in your customer area.

Please contact me with any questions.

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