Couch to 5k...and beyond

There I am. An all too familiar scene. I realize it has crept up on me, without really noticing. Sure, the classic 'my jeans must have shrunk', amongst other excuses, have kept me going for a while. But now there is no getting around it. Summer holidays pics get dodged. If we go to the beach 'It's too cold to take my shirt off'. I find myself tending to just ignore that guy in the mirror. A brisk climb of the stairs leaves me breathing more heavily than I remember. There I sit, 40 years of age, out of shape, and disappointed in myself. This was my story 6 months ago. The pressures of a modern working life had progressively been taking their toll. The best part of twenty years working hard a

A trail marathon with a purpose

Looking for an inspirational run in 2018? Looking for a unique run in a stunning location? The Great Buddhist Master trail Marathon in November 2018 is more than a run, this is about a whole Nepalese experience. Experience and enjoy the intoxicating and exhilarating city of Kathmandu. See the sunrise from Swayambhuath (The Monkey Temple) and immerse yourself in a culture so different to ours at Pashupatinath where you will witness holy ceremonies alongside the holy River Bagmati. The adventure will then blow away the chaos of the city and unwind as we make our way to the remote village of Manegau. The village sits at the foot of the Himalayas and the landscape is simply stunning. It is like

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