Monday 1st July

We are planning a round the runway run for tomorrow (1st July) Meet at the usual place at 7.15pm......any problems - send me a message - is easiest. Who will be joining? Get booked in please. Vicky


Finally the kit (of sorts) has arrived....mostly. I will be ordering the extra (from someone else) in the near future.....and I now have a few spare items. If you would like any kit and missed the cut off last time - please go to the store on ; and purchase what you want by the end of the week. If you have ordered kit - please collect on Wednesday - or let me know when you are able to collect. Thanks

Kit update

Just to keep you all in the loop re kit.... It was ordered, in person... Deposit paid A month later....still no kit, no response to call / text / email.. 2nd option is about to go on holiday for 10 days. Going for plan C - and looking for an alternative supplier. If you have any recommendations please let me know. FYI - the kit was ordered from VItal Signs in Northwich - recommended by Northwich Rowing Club - in case any of you know Paul and can maybe find out what is happening....

Wed 12 June

Here is an alternative suggestion for Wednesday eve. Please can you email (or comment on FB post) if you plan to do this -or would rather do a normal interval session so I can plan accordingly. You can run in your own or with a partner / small group for 60 or 90 mins. You do need to register to order a map - so please do this ASAP. MDOC countryside score event will use the footpaths and tracks around Lower Peover, based at The Crown, a simple community pub situated at Swan Green (WA16 9QB), at a junction on the B5081 about 4 miles SSW of Knutsford town centre, half a mile SW of The Bells of Peover. It has about 40 parking spaces - please park tidily within the (faintly

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