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Join us in the New Year!

Ah, the start of a new year, that wonderful optimism you have after a couple of weeks of excess– less drinking, less eating, more exercise… so many resolutions to be broken. We’re all guilty of overindulging at Christmas and the New Year is a great time to start a resolution we promise will be worth it, and once you start – will be difficult to break.

Run Knutsford’s new term starts on Wednesday 3rd January, meeting at the corner of Beggarman’s Lane and Highland Way at 7:30pm. Come and join our genuinely mixed-ability groups to work off the Christmas paunch and set yourself up for a healthy new year with like-minded people.

Our groups are tailored for every ability level. Our ‘Beginners’ couch to 5K group is a great way to get into running. Some of our members who started in this group just last year are regularly running 10km races, a great achievement.

For those of you who have run before but might have stopped for a while or don’t get the opportunity to go very often, or are maybe following a training plan, we offer our ‘Keep Me Going’ group, who build up from 5K to 10K, with the group consisting of a wide range of abilities. Our group leaders make sure nobody gets left behind and this is a great way to build up to longer distances.

Our ‘Challenge Me’ group is probably the most mixed group of all, containing some very fast athletes and some athletes in waiting that love a challenge. A mix of long runs, hill reps, sprints, team and individual challenges, the Challenge Me group has a great variety of training, all led by an expert coach.

One of the best aspects of Run Knutsford is the social side. We host a number of events over the year and last year included handicap races, a birthday hash and a Christmas quiz. The summer saw us head off-road, exploring some of the fabulous local countryside, as well as supporting our fellow members who entered Ironman events, the London Marathon, the Tatton and Chester Half Marathons and various 10k events to name a few.

We hold 3 sessions throughout the week – on Monday nights (starting 8th January) we will have three groups out – Beginners, Keep Me Going and Challenge Me. Our Challenge Me group will be heading out for a long run of 10K+.

On Wednesday nights (starting 3rd January), our Beginners, Keep Me Going and Challenge Me groups are running. Challenge Me will be doing intervals.

On Fridays we meet at the Knutsford entrance to Tatton Park at 9:15am (term time only – from 12th January) where our Beginners and Challenge Me groups meet. Challenge Me will be doing intervals again.

You can attend any one of our sessions for £2 per session or £20 for a term which will pay for one session per week. £25 per term will allow you to attend as many of the sessions as you wish. Remember. For all new attendees, your first session is FREE!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us, get fit, make friends and take up a hobby you will really enjoy. Happy New Year!

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