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January 2021 Round Up

What a start to 2021! The Kick Off 2021 challenge has been fantastic and it has been brilliant to see so much support for each other - especially the many new comers. The weather has not been kind - but there have been some remarkable performances in some horrendous conditions - you all deserve a big pat on the back / wedge of cake / glass of something alcoholic!

The results are;

Weekly leading scores;

Run Novice - Rachel Gilliland

Run Intermediate - Maura Welch

Run Advanced - Richard Norton

Tri Intermediate - Karen Bain

Tri Advanced - Lindsay Purdie

The overall winners are

Run Novice - 1st Rachel Gilliland, 2nd Anne Stoijic, 3rd Verity Brown

Run Intermediate - 1st Louise Thomas, 2nd Sara Waters, 3rd Willie Kealing

Run Advanced - 1st Al McKay, 2nd Richard Norton, 3rd Dave Ward

Tri Intermediate - 1st Karen Hatton

Tri Advanced - 1st equal - Ben Green and Lindsay Purdie

That is not all. I have added in your 'sessions' completed and the following have now achieved 50runs - and get a mug!!

Julie Whelan

Cath Applewhite

Roz Keary

Richard Norton

Finally, here are the suggested sessions for the next couple of weeks. If you want to let me when you have completed them (table of FB) then I can credit your run tally. The T pace is what you have been generally doing on a threshold run. R pace is faster than the I pace you have done for your intervals this week - except the advanced group - I had prescribed you R pace!!!

If you didn't do the 2021 Kick Off Challenge and want to know your times - please let me know by adding on to the spreadsheet -


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