The sun has got it's hat on...RK Summer Social

The first Run Knutsford Summer Social will take place on Saturday 16th June from 2pm at the Legh Arms. An afternoon of family fun - and a few drinks for the grown ups. Garden games, back to school sports day competitions and great food. Tickets are available online (adults £11 / children £6)

Surprise Timed 5K

Another great turn up with more new members last Wednesday......and what better way to welcome Spring than a timed 5K. I am sure there were lots of moans, excuses and frowns directed towards me as people set off on their group warm ups.....but it is just a marker for yourself. If we don't know where we are at, how can we see that we have progressed and all our efforts in the terrible winter weather are paying off? The finishing times are; Dave 21.40 Karen 22.55 Andrew 23.15 Holly 23.20 Sophie 23.27 Maura 24.20 Louise 24.21 Alison 25.59 Susie and Craig 26.08 Jane 26.25 Tom 26.28 Kurt 26.50 Louise C 27.21 Isobel 27.29 Zoe 27.38 Amy and Kate B 29.05 Harry 29.52 Claire G & Caroline S 30.00 Jes

New Beginners

I am so pleased with the new group that started running last Monday. They completed numerous repeats of 1min run, followed by 1 min walk. We had repeat attendance on Wednesday and Aunya encouraged them to push themselves to 90sec efforts. Today there was even more progress with the introduction of hill least the sun was shining!!! Really looking forward to next week and the continued progress. Please dont worry if you didnt make more than one session, or if you missed all week. We will accommodate excuses!!!

Woohoo its Raining......

.......and that means it is warmer.....a positively balmy 3 degress centigrade. So Spring is here and that means Summer is not far away......what better time to take up / get back into running? A NEW BEGINNER starting this Monday. Why not come and join us for a progressive build from couch to 30mins and on to 5K and beyond? We will have coached sessions, small groups and a friendly, supportive bunch of people to help you on your journey to improved fitness, weight loss and general well being. Remember, 'Runners are better people!' You too can be one!!! If you would like further information, please email

Data Protection

The rules regarding data protection are changing in May. If you have not done so already, please can you confirm that it is OK to keep your details and send you relevant emails regarding Run Knutsford, by emailing your permission to Many thanks

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