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Welcome to RK 2021

1 - Training Fees / Membership

Due to the current restrictions and not being able to have any face to face sessions - January will be 'Kick Off 2021; virtual challenge. The cost will be £6 which is payable here;

If you currently have a DD - please cancel this.

If you have already paid for January - I will sort this out in February!

For future RK Sessions we will be using a different management system - further details will be shared in the near future - when we have confirmation we can have our usual sessions.


2 - Kick off 2021

Please join many of your RK friends and sign up for the Kick Off 2021 challenge.

There are a few different options...

You can follow the Run or Tri/Duathlon pathway.

Each pathway has 3 different options;

Advance - for those that want to push themselves

Intermediate - for those that want to push themselves....but maybe a little less volume

Novice - for those that want to push themsleves....but maybe have a little less time available / coming back from injury / getting (back) into running.

You can of course - change pathway at the end of any of the 4 weeks.

Each week will contain 4 sessions - generally 3 cardio sessions and 1 strength / prehab / stretch style session - called Performance Prep.

Points are won for completion of sessions and for some - for working harder / beating target times.

Points are collected on a central spreadsheet.

Prizes will be awarded at the end as well as a few spot prizes throughout the month.


3. 12 Days of Christmas

Well done to all those that completed this crazy challenge to create a bit of pre-Christmas calorie deficit! Some amazing running done by all. There are a number that exceeded their usual weekly mileage by a significant amount and some that had never run the long distances before. As always there are also those go a little further; like Craig Briers, Russ Platt, Sam Kania, Matthew and Sarah Eglin and Lynda Cook who completed 1-12 in miles AND kilometers, (mostly) in order, all within the time deadline - a great achievement - both physically and mentally - very very well done.

I have medals and buffs for anyone that finished after Monday 21st / didn't make it to running that eve to collect. Please let me know if you want to collect / will wait until Feb (or March) / need delivery (very last resort!!!)


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