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September News

There are a few differnt pieces of information, so please keep reading. If you are interested in volunteering to help as a leader or assistant (details below) please email



If you would like to purchase some RK branded kit, please go to Kit will be available on the website asap - just waiting to confirm some price changes.

The deadline is Wednesday 13th September.


Monday Night Help

Are you able to commit 1 Monday night / moonth to be an assistant leader?

As RK continues to grow in numbers, the breadth of paces also increases. Ideally we would like to have 6+ different pace groups going out on a Monday evening to ensure as many people as possible get the run they are hoping for,

I am looking for people to volunteer to be either a leader or an assistant.

LEADER - You will need to commit to leading a group 2/4 Mondays and 1/6 Wednesday sessions.

You will need to book your own course and RK will refund the cost. The course involves 4 online modules, 2 x 5 min videos, completing a safeguarding course and some form of first aid training.

You will not need to pay RK training fees and will get a T shirt.

ASSISTANT - You will need to commit to assisting with a group 1/4 Mondays.

The groups we are hoping to establish are;

1 - 7-7.30 m/m

2 - 7.30 - 8 m/m

3 - 8 - 8.30 m/m

4 - 8.30 - 9 m/m

5 - 9 - 9.45m/m

6 - 9.45 - 10.15m/m

7 - 10.15m/m +

If you would like to volunteer, please email and I will provide further information.



As you reminice over the Summer holidays and your mind starts heading towards the next holiday...are you thinking about the number of ice creams you have consumed and the start of a new healthy routine???

Starting next Monday is Tor Wellbeing. A group set up to help support you to use diet and exedrcise to optimise your health and lifestyle. If you are looking to maintain or lose weight, minimise the negative effects of aging, improve your sleep, balance your mood and motivation, then this group is for you. Combining virtual group sessions for accountability, support, discussion and education with recipes, tips and tricks, 1-2-1 sessions and some pilates and yoga the group will help you achieve your individual health goal. All for £30 / month (£55 for exclusive package) or £1 / day you can get help, advice and motivation to bounce out of Summer into Autumn. Get in touch for more information - 07740484442.


Christmas 2023

As usual there will be two ways to celebrate Christmas with RK.

1 - Some form of "competitive" run followed by a meal.

2 - 12 days of Christmas.

The details of both of these are currently being worked on. If you have any suggestions to add some more variety, please let me know



Please remember to book in for the run sessions. The key reason for booking in is so that the leaders have access to a ICE number. Additionally, you are rewarded with either a mug, t shirt or zip top when you have attended 50/100/250 sessions. Ros has kindly volunteered to update the attendance figures, so coming soon will be more prizes.

That is it for now. Happy running!



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