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Training Restarting

Right....March 29th is creeping ever closer....and we (hopefully) are able to get back to running in groups of 6....therefore booking will be essential.

I have found a new system that will accept recurring payments and doesn't cost a fortune...but there may well be some teething problems!!! But there are some additional extras on the system I am hoping we can utilise.

There are a few things you will need to do...

  1. Go to

  2. Use this code to find RK and register (if you have not done so already) 5fea3078

  3. Go to the shop and set up recurring payments which will start on 1st April (£6/month)

  4. Book into the appropriate group for the upcoming run sessions.


Wednesday 31st March is a timed 5K (more on this later)

No official session on Easter Monday

Monday 12th April will be a run at Macclesfield Forrest.

Usual rules;

  1. Don't come if you / anyone you live with is suffering from COVID symptoms.

  2. Please cancel your space if you are unable to attend.

  3. Please do not attend if you are not booked in - if in doubt give me a call 07740484442.

  4. Please book into the group you wish to join - the leaders will be running at the prescribed pace so if there is no space in your favourite group you have to either step up or have an easy run - please don't force the pace to be faster or slower than is set for the group.

I am sure there will be a few teething problems / questions / niggles, but I am hoping that eventually moving to this app will be good for us all.


Timed 5K and Strava

Wednesday 31st March will be a timed 5K. The route is set and is hopefully accessible via the connect my club app - but is also pictured below. Start is Valley Way, finish is Highland Way. Please book yourself in and arrange to run with similar paced runners. If you are linked on the app to strava I will automatically be able to access your results.



A kit window has just opened until l8th April. Please see the shop on to order. Usual hoodies, vests, t shirts and leggings available.


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