League and other Winners

Thanks to all those that joined in last night and well done to the prize winners. For those that didn't....here are the key notes... Winter 2018/19 League Winners; 1st Julie Whelan 2nd Jo Lenderyou 3rd Maura Welsh The others that completed the league are; (in no particular order) Pat O’Brien Colin Littlewood Andy Coatsworth Lucy Goldsmith Andrew Booth Alex Souk Louisa McKay Jennie Woods Dave Ward Karen Richardson Andy Burgess Nicole Malloy Alastair McKay Louise Thomas Gary Mitchell Cathryn Walley Sara Waters Peter Hounsham Kelly Brighouse Rachael Brooke There were also prizes for those that have completed 50 runs.... David Ward Andrew Booth Grace Crawford Andy Coats

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Dont forget tomorrow evening is Orienteering at Alderley Edge. Please sign up at ; https://goteamup.com/p/2188908-run-knutsford/ so I can ensure you are in a team. If you wish to car share please meet at 6.45pm on the corner of Beggarmans Lane and Highland Way. Or meet by the picnic tables behind the Wizard Pub at about 7.05pm The timed hour will start at 7.15pm sharp. Please have £3 ready if you want chips!

RK 3rd Birthday and Winter League Presentation

Next Wednesday (22nd May) we will be celebrating our 3rd birthday and also the winners of the Winter League. We will be meeting by the Wizard Team Room picnic benches in Alderley Edge slightly earlier than usual at 7.15pm. After a one hour team orienteering challenge we will go to the Wizard pub for the presentation of the league prizes. If you would like a portion of chips (who wouldn't???) it will be £3 - please have cash ready before you start running as the kitchen closes at 8.20!!! If you would like to come - please book in for the session via Team Up so I can organise teams. https://goteamup.com/p/2188908-run-knutsford/

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