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Kick Off 2021 Week 2 Results

2021 Kick Off

Week 2 Results

The moment you have been waiting for...the results after Week2!

Some very big scores this week with lots of points available. Plenty of rain to contend with, but that didn't put too many of you off!

We are pleased to announce the top three point scorers for the runners are:

Rachel Gilliland - Nov

Louise Thomas - Int

Alastair McKay - Adv

Louise wins a prize for the top scoring runner of the week with 44 points.

Well done to Anna Waters and Richard Norton for some great efforts this week.

For the tri/duathletes, the top scorers were:

Ben Green - Adv

Karen Hatton - Int

Ben wins a prize for the top scoring triathlete.

Well done to Karen Bain - just one point behind Karen H.

Again there is plenty of opportunity for change at the top with many points up for grabs this week - particularly in the naked (muddy) run!! You can gain points with the Performance Prep, Stretch and Pilates for Running video. (max 5 points) We will also give some bonus points this week for those that we notice sharing on FB / Insta or writing a blog for our website.

Please email with any questions or anything relating to naked running or your content for a blog post!!!!!

So, keep up those efforts 💪


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