Social Event

Please come and join your running friends whilst not wearing lycra (apologies to anyone who I have insulted their clothing choice for the eve) and sweating (at least hopefully not at the start of the eve) for a soda water and lime....or something else if you prefer..... Wine and wallop drinks Friday 26 oct. 7.30pm Anyone welcome - bring your friends / relatives etc, buy them an extra shandy, talk them into entering a race and then make them join Run Knutsford to get fit to run it!!

Monday 22nd October

Monday night run will be at 7.10pm on the corner of Highland Way and Beggarmans Lane to car share OR New Warrington Road lay-by at 7.30pm for a run around The Flashes & Marbury. Dont forget your head torch!

Monday 8th October

The run on Monday evening will be in Northwich - meet on the corner of Beggarmans and Highland way at 7.10pm to car share OR 7.25 in the layby of New Warrington Road, Northwich. Usual 2 or 3 groups - 5k / 5m / 10k.


In case you have not received it....(having a minor technical issue which I will hopefully resolve by next month) brand new Newsletter has been emailed, and posted on Facebook....If you have not received it and would like a read - please email

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