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Join the Run Knutsford Strava club

Strava is the Swedish word for “strive,” and at Run Knutsford we're always striving to reach a milestone and motivate ourselves through our three times a week running activities and community.

Strava is the social network for athletes, a global community of millions of runners, cyclists and triathletes, united by the camaraderie of sport. The website and mobile apps bring athletes together from all walks of life and inspire them to unlock their potential – both as individuals and as communities.

If you’re looking for another opportunity to help you to improve, no matter your goals or ability, why not join Strava and subscribe to the Run Knutsford group?

I joined at the start of 2018 and we currently have 25 members and I find it really useful to help me support other team members and friends, whilst also getting some great motivation from other Run Knutsford members when we're not altogether. You can join a variety of groups, set yourself challenges, follow professional sports people on their training journey.

It would be great to get more and more of us on this 'free' platform (you don't need to have the premium service to be part of the group).

Find out more about Strava and join up today, it could be another great motivation tool on these cold, dark and wet days and nights!

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