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Monday night

Monday night run will be Mobberley. Hoping to have 3 groups;

1) With Russ Platt and Dave which will be 7miles at 8m/m pace and including 4 x 5mins at 7.30m/m pace with 1min in between.

2) With Grace Edie will be 10K at 9m/m pace with 4 x 5mins at 8.30m/m pace with 1min in between.

3) will be 5m steady....any takers for this group?

So far 2 are booked in......

Dont forget S&C will be on 6.30-7.20 again 2 are currently booked in. There is only 3 more weeks of this until the Easter present there is not enough interest to continue after Easter......

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