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Autumn at Run Knutsford

What a great September we have had at Run Knutsford. The highlights have to include a fairly brutal session at Alderley Edge, a sociable Monday eve run followed by a drink at The Whipping Stocks, a slightly damp torch run at Macclesfield Forest and finishing with a timed 5K and a number of PBs.

Gary Mitchel reaches 50 runs and will receive a RK Mug. There are quite a few close to completing 100 recorded runs and our star runner should reach 250 by the end of October.

October runs are ready to be booked at;

Dont forget to book in - and cancel if you cant make it. If you are not booked it wont count to your personal attendance record. We also need attendance recording for track and trace purposes. Please do not attend a session if you or a member of your household has symptoms of COVID-19.

During October we will be back to Alderley Edge for another hill session.

We have a run in Marbury Park planned for Monday 9th November.

Looking ahead to November and December - all being well with restrictions etc we are putting plans for the following in place;

1 - November team virtual challenge.

2 - November handicap race

3 - December - 12 Days of Christmas - bronze, silver, gold and platinum version.

4 - December - RK TYY alternative event.

Loads to look forward to....

Please ensure you have paid your £6 / month contribution to running costs.

HSBC - Run Knutsford - 30-99-15; 28079360


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