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Group running Week beg 21st Sept 2020

Running this week; (All being well and barring any other restrictions...)

Monday meet will be 6.30pm Beggarmans Lane / Highland Way for all booked in. Please find your leader and gather in small (socially distanced) groups rather than 1 large gang. The leaders will space themsleves quite far apart form each other - Nick Jackson (purple) Ben Green (Red) Dave Ward (Blue) Zoe Murphy (Green)

The route for most will be across the fields of Beggarmans - Bexton Lane, Blackhill Lane to more fields that come out on Sudlow Lane and then around and about in Knutsford.

Wednesday will be 3,2,1 session at either Mereheath or Beggarmans. The choice of meet points will be;

A) Beggarmans Lane / HIghland Way 6,30pm Zoe Murphy Will be here and offer an similar interval session around The Ways. B) Mereheath - Dave Ward Will be waiting at 6.40 on the crossroads of Mereheath Lane, Garden Road and Tatton Street. This is going to be the 'Mauve group' (purply red) C) Ben Green Will meet a second set of runners 6.40pm on the corner of Mereheath Lane and Willow Green. This will be the 'aqua group' (bluey green)

If your group is bigger than 6, please create smaller pods and try and be quite seperate.

I hope this all makes sense...

Dont forget to book in...apart from Track and Trace - it also gives you a tick - towards your 50/100 run prize...or even for one runner their 250 reward coming soon...


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