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Group Runs

Group running with RK is back. Continuous runs on a Monday and interval sessions on Wednesday. Due to current guideline we are bound some restrictions, so we have a strict booking system in operation.

The first Monday night run was this eve and has been a hit.

A couple of points for future weeks;

  1. You need to book in a) so we have an ICE number b) so we have track and trace details - this is a Gov obligation.

  2. If you cant run - please cancel your booking so someone else can take that space. AND if poss please post on FB that you are not going to make it. If this is all last minute there may be opportunities for people to switch groups if desired etc.

  3. Please pay special attention to booking details and if in doubt contact the run leader to check. The time/ place may alter depending on leader availability and run route.....and just to keep you on your toes!!!

To book on, please follow the link below.

Please do not attend if you or anyone you live with has COVID symptoms or you feel unwell.


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