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June Challenge Final Week

June Team Challenge Final Week

  1. Interval

Honesty required here. You need to cover the screen of your watch with tape - so you cant see it AND ideally turn off any bleeps for pace etc. Run your best 5K and record your time. You will get points for how close you are to your target time - which is based on the intervals from the previous four weeks sessions.

Hint - think about the route you are going to run. Try and pick somewhere that you will have minimal disturbance by traffic / road crossings / pedestrians etc.

  1. Long Run

Each member of the team has to run a different distance and the team total needs to exceed 12 times the number of members of the team in kilometers. I.e. 6 in team - team total distance must exceed 72 kilometers.

  1. Team Challenge

Your team challenge this week includes a one hour run (which could double up as your long run) when you must visit and take photos of as many different post boxes as possible in 1 hour. You will get points for your team for the number of post boxes you can gather - you can start at post box 1 and you must stop collecting at exactly one hour later - maximum. You can stop running earlier if you wish!

  1. Strength and Conditioning

Chance to get some extra bonus points...2 points for every session completed.


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