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June Team Challenge Final Results

Team Results

Team is more important than the individual results.....

in 4th Place with 452.86 points are Team 3

Teams in 2nd and 3rd have changed places a few times today....

it is very close...

They smashed it this week and actually won the week...

with a total of 518, in 3rd place are

Kiss my Asphalt

Dave Ward Lucy Goldsmith Sara Waters Craig Aaron Briers Jennie Woods Diane Henty Alex MacIver

In second place, just a smidge ahead of 2nd on 519.5 are Russ' Rustlers;

Russ Platt, Andrew Booth, Cath Applewhite, Jo Lenderyou, Louise Thomas Roz Keary, Tom Brunt, Willie Kealing

With a winning overall score of 522.61 are.....Legs Miserables

Ben Green, Dan Robson, Emily Lenderyou, Louisa McKay, Grace Crawford, Cathryn Whalley, Holly Jukes, Pat O'Brien

I have prizes for all of Legs Miserables - if you are able to collect from Beggarmans Lane, please let me know if I maybe able to drop off.

So the top individual places are...

Oh it was so very very close and well done on some brilliant efforts.

1st Sara Waters (not competitive - apparantly!!!)

Really close to 5K target time 2nd Andrew Booth Very consistent efforts and tiny margins with just seconds in it.... 3rd Craig Aaron Briers Amazing sub 19min 5K run Prizes for you three - if you are able to collect let me know, or I will endeavour to drop round.


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