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And I can "run" 1000 miles....

At the start of 2017 I had a moment of madness where I decided to sign up to Trail Magazine’s 1000 miles in a year challenge. Each year I set myself a goal and this year it was distance! The Run 1000 was my way of motivating myself to run throughout the year instead of tailing off in the summer.

On average the advice is to run around 19.26 miles a week and on a good week I have got up to about 26 miles but my worst week was a paltry 8 miles (around my 50th birthday - too much celebrating!). Run Knutsford has really helped me complete this tough challenge. One thousand miles on your own is a lonely prospect but being able to meet up with a group every Monday & Wednesday and run between 5 – 7 miles, has firstly helped me reach the target but also kept me sane.

I finally hit the 1000-mile mark on Friday 15th December and it feels like I’ve achieved a goal I really didn’t think was possible at the start of the year. Throughout the 1000 miles I have worn the same pair of trainers and now my challenge is complete, I will finally lay them to rest. Then I think my treat to myself will be a large glass of wine…..and a new pair of trainers!!

Watch this space to hear about my next challenge in 2018.

Time for some new trainers!!!

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