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CAKE........Monday 28th October 8.30pm KLC

Over the last 18 months or so Tony Collier has been doing talks for running, other sports clubs and also in peoples workplaces, telling the story of how he went from training for the Comrades ultra marathon to terminally ill in 36 hours.

Over 47,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. 80% of men diagnosed early had no symptoms. 9,000 men diagnosed each year have already reached the stage of being incurable like Tony. There is no screening test for prostate cancer in the UK.

In Tony's talks he runs through some of his running highlights, explain how his running led to his diagnosis, the impact that it had on his running and then explains what all men need to be aware of to avoid ending up with an incurable diagnosis like the one he received. The medics believe that he had had the cancer for 10 years completely symptom free!

The talks are not all doom & gloom. He tries to cover the topic as light heartedly as he can. The most important thing is that he knows is that the talks are saving men’s lives.

The target audience is anyone who is or knows a man aged 45 or over and he actively encourage ladies to attend as he know that they are key influencers.

Tony will be doing his talk at 8.30pm at KLC - there will be plenty of cake for a donation to his charity. All are welcome - especially those that have ran first!! If you are planning on going, please can you let me know - to ensure there is enough cake!!!

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