June, July and August Races and Sessions

June Team Challenge Results so far....

There has been a bit of movement at the top of the individual placings. Nobody seems to be able to claw back Andrew Booth, but Craig Craig Aaron Briers is having a good go. As is Sara Waters who has now joined Andrew in the lead and has a bit of a gap from the other women. All to play for this week...I am excitied!!!!!

Sara and Andrew 79 points

Craig 78 points

Russ and Holly H 76 points

Jenny, Cathryn and Ben 75points

Team results

Week 4;

4th Place - Russ' Rustlers - 57.57points

3rd Place - Team 3 - 59 points

Joint leaders - Legs Miserables and Kiss my Asphalt - 63 points.

Kiss my Asphalt had an amazing 133 OS symbols!!!

Overall with one week to go;

4th - Team 3 - 411 points

3rd - Kiss My Asphalt - 414points

New leader this week...

2nd - Russ' Rustlers 423.97

1st - Legs Miserables 428.75

It is very close - best performances required in week 5 - go go go!!!

RK July and August Sessions

Please read all the way to the bottom to find out about payments and booking.

The June Team Challenge has gone very well and I am now planning RK sessions in July and August. I have a few different thoughts to hopefully engage as many of you as possible. I appreciate that some of you will be nervous about running in groups whilst others may have different work times / child care issues etc which will prevent you meeting at set times. So I am hoping my plans will offer something for everyone.

1. Return of Continuous run groups.

These will be in groups of 6 - 1 leader and 5 runners. The meet venue may alter and the time will be dependent upon leader availability. There will be information available regarding the distance, terrain and pace of the run and I will provide regular runners with guidance on which groups to book into. You should not attend if you - or someone you live with, are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. If you are unable to attend, please remove yourself from the group. Each