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June Team Challenge

This is the first week of challenges for the RK JUNE CHALLENGE TEAM COMP, and the team lists...subject to change if we get any late to the party people...

NO IT IS NOT TOO LATE to join in - but hurry up and let me know!! FYI there will be no fancy dress challenge!! If I have accidentally missed you off - sorry, please let me know asap.

Each team has a captain (or 2 - highlighted) - so I suggest you sort out some kind of group communication so you can ensure you are working as a team and sharing ideas / results...

Task 1 - Timed 3 mile run. Beside each namein the team list is their individual target time. This is related to the timed runs you have done recently. The 3m run should be a slightly uncomfortable, could squeeze the odd word out effort and not full on race pace. You will get max points (10) for hitting the target time. Points will decrease relating to how far off your target time you are (faster and slower) - its all about pacing!! Task 2 - as a team you need to collect as many selfies of different animals as you can - whilst out on a run. i.e. animal in background, you in foreground in running kit - sweat required!! You will get points relating to the number of different animals you find as a team. I am going common name of animal i.e. bird = 1, rather than a point for an eagle, a crow and a magpie...Alpacca and Llama are the same in my book. Horse and pony will be counted as 1 animal... Task 3 - Complete the S&C session - Power for Runners. You will need a foam roller - if you dont have one, used a rolled up towel / filled water bottle (with the top screwed on tight!) This will be honesty based - you will need to report to your captain that you have / not done the session by the end of the week and points will be awarded to both the individual and the team for the most completing the session. There is a video with further explanation / demonstration of the moves posted on you tube... (please bear in mind I am a run coach - not a model or videographer - room for improvement!!) WU - 10 x burpees, 30sec calf roll, 30 sec ITB roll, 10 bridge rotations. Circuit A - twice through - 20 x reverse lunge and knee drive, 10 x countermovement jumps, 10 x each side RDL single leg with SL squat, Take approx 1min rest after set 1. Circuit B - 2 x through with approx 1 min rest between sets; 24 skaters, 30 leg raises - 12 each side, 24 high plank shoulder tap.


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