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June Team Challenge Week 4

June Challenge Week 4

  1. Intervals.

The session is;

Warm up and stretch

2 (to 4) x 400m Hard with 90secs recovery (pass on closest two times)

2 x 1K Pretty hard - with up to equal run and recovery time (i.e. run 4mins = 4mins recovery)

1 x 1mile threshold pace

This would normally feel just about comfortably uncomfortable - but now may feel a little harder.

Need to record scores for each of the 5 reps onto the spreadsheet. (give to your captain)

Target times are below - please let me know if you want any alterations. NB - if you change one time (400m) -- they will all change (1K and 1m)...

2) Long Run

Each member of the team has to run a different distance and the team total needs to exceed 7 times the number of members of the team in miles. I.e. 6 in team - team total distance must exceed 42 miles.

3) Team Challenge

This challenge is open to interpretation and requires more team collaboration than the previous challenges. The title is ‘OS Map Legends.’ This link

Can be used as a list of OS map symbols and your challenge is to collect as many selfies as possible as a team at ‘symbol’ sites. I.e. a selfie beside a tent to indicate a ‘campsite.’

4) Strength and Conditioning

This week we continue with some plyometrics and the best and easiest form of plyometrics for runners is full out ‘becoming Usain / Dina’ sprinting. Covering approx 50m you need to sprint as fast as you possibly can. Have a full recovery and repeat until you have done 6 sprints.

Only complete this session after a full warm up. Please ensure you have a full recovery between each sprint and stretch thoroughly after.


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