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Lockdown Ladder, Team and Individual standings for Week 1 of June Team Challenge.

June Team Challenge week 1......

its close and all to play for so I hope you are out running and scoring points for your team. Week 1 4th place- eam 3 (Nick Jackson & Clare Dooley) 102 points 3rd Place - Legs Miserables (Ben Green) 107.25 points 2nd Place - Russ' Rustlers (Russ Platt) 108.75 points In the lead...Dave's Team - (No name) 109 points The fraction of points are due to the weighting system. Run run run...

Team June Challenges Week 1...Individual positions....all very close and the range is from 14 - 19points....Beware Andy Coatsworth Andrew Booth Louise Thomas and Jennie Woods they are coming for you...

Finally...the Lockdown Ladder Overall winners;

3rd Place - Ben Green and Jo Lenderyou

WINNERS - Cathryn Rachel and Russ Platt Prizes will be available...sometime soon. Well done to all, results attached.


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