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Wednesday Intervals - 8 April - Timed 1 Mile

Wednesday 8th April Training

The session for tomorrow eve (or when you get a chance to do it)

Warm up approx 1mile and some stretches (including Zoe's Show Pony)

1 x 1mile as fast as you can - ideally in a circular route - but at least not a down hill

(We usually do this starting from Highland Way - you know the route)

4 x 800m (we usually do these at Mereheath - could do top of Highland Way, down to Valley Way - along there and back up Bexton Lane and again down Beggarmans - 800m is just past the corner - so you could have a walk recovery) Approx 90secs recovery

Enjoyable cool down of approx 1mile and some stretches.

Please message me your 1 mile times and I will age calculate them and add them to the spreadsheet. The times you achieve along with the photos you post / email will all go towards the end of lockdown award!!!


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